Artificial Intelligence is here, and more is on the way: Is your organisation ready?

Panel Discussion

12th May 2021

Our first panel discussion in 2021 brought together a panel of experts in the topic of AI including:

Jeremy Godfrey, Commissioner ComReg, ex CIO of Hong Kong; David Hegarty, ASec DETE – New AI Strategy Lead; Barry Lowry, Chief Information Officer, Irish Government; and Hilary Murphy-Fagan, CEO, National Shared Services Office, Irish Government (ACESA Member). The discussion was moderated by ACESA member Garrett Blaney of Comreg.

The panel discussed the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver public services, and how this is only going to increase. They spoke about potential future regulation models given that the pace of progress is increasing all the time. Speakers emphasized the importance of always looking at the changes in AI from a ‘human centric’ perspective. They also spoke of the ethical minefield that existed in the space but encouraged members to take it slowly and they will get a grasp of the important developments in AI.